Innowera - RDM: Financial Supply Chain Management

Innowera - RDM: Financial Supply Chain Management

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Financial supply chain management enables collaboration within enterprises - and within their business networks - by using defined business policies and shared services to handle all customer-related and supply chain-related financial processes. Financial supply chain management also helps automate the financial supply chain by using the Web and other electronic service models.

Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment

Present invoices and account information to your customers or suppliers. Provide self-service functions via the internet.

Collections Management

Includes payment reminders, processing of promise-to-pay agreements, collection agent portal, collection strategies, collection controlling, and dunning.

Credit Management Manages credit limits offered to customers. Analyzes credit information using both external and internal information to accurately adapt customer scoring.
Dispute Management Uses dispute management processes to accelerate information gathering and problem assessment. Manages all communication electronically.