Innowera - RDM: Travel Management

Innowera - RDM: Travel Management

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Travel management provides a fully integrated end-to-end trip life cycle solution to improve processes in pre-trip approval, online booking, expense reporting and data warehousing. This process optimization results in cost reduction of indirect travel costs, lower agency transaction fees and possible enhanced supplier negotiations.

Travel Request and Pre-trip approval The travel request streamlines the pre-trip approval processes in order to reduce process costs to a minimum. It sends data such as trip destination, purpose, estimated cost, required travel services and preliminary distribution of costs to the approving manager or his portal inbox automatically. Once the request has been approved advances that the traveler requested in this self-service scenario can be paid by cash, check, or bank order automatically. The travel request uses workflow conditions for automating approval, e.g., a maximum limit for estimated costs.
Travel Planning - Online Booking Enables business travelers through a self-service scenario to book flights, hotels, cars, country-specific rail options, and look up related information. It performs online booking by connections to central reservation systems such as Amadeus and Galileo. In addition SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (SAP NetWeaver PI) allows direct connections to hotel reservation systems, low cost carrier consolidators and rail companies like Deutsche Bahn (German rail). The solution fully supports the communication with travel agencies and makes it more efficient. Cuts agency fees substantially for online bookings and lets the agency concentrate on ticketing and strategic quality assurance. A 100% data synchronization of bookings and, if requested, profiles is supported too.
Travel and Expense Management Supports the entire business trip lifecycle - from online buying to expense reimbursement and integration into SAP ERP Financials and SAP ERP HCM, a true end-to-end solution. The solution supports receipts and per diems reimbursement, cost assignments, multiple payment modes, automatic mileage calculation, etc. Allows sophisticated expense policy rules to be set up to meet national tax, fiscal, and legal requirements. It offers a ready-to-run version for twenty countries with pre-configured settings based on legal requirements, thereby accelerating implementation. SAP Travel Management provides flexible configuration parameters for easy adoption of further company-specific or international statutory needs. It features credit card clearing interfaces to the leading card providers for personal cards, corporate cards, and lodged cards. The solution supports your company setting up control procedures in order to comply with Sarbanes Oxley and IRS requirements.
Global Travel Policy Compliance

Travel Planning:

The solution controls the online booking process by complying to corporate travel policy parameters, helping travel managers to bundle travel volumes to preferred providers and negotiated fares. It provides an increased compliance with the company's travel policy, which in turn facilitates a better negotiation position for central travel service procurement and has an immediate effect on direct purchasing costs.

Travel and Expenses:

Allows management to implement effective travel policy strategies and easily control travel budgets for the global enterprise or institution. Handles trips to locations all over the world, and can also be used in many countries throughout the world. Permits the international standard version to be configured to meet country-specific requirements. Offers ready-to-run country versions that already include the specific national statutory and tax regulations.

Travel and Expense Analytics The analytics capability keeps all booking and expense data in one place so users can benefit from easy-to-use reporting tools and full data ownership. Provides exact reporting for total travel cost control and analytical exception monitoring. Renders volumes with travel service providers transparent, making it easier for users to negotiate and procure travel services.