Innowera - RDM: Workforce Process Management

Innowera - RDM: Workforce Process Management

RDM | Human Capital Management | Workforce Process Management

Through its dynamic workforce process management capabilities, SAP ERP Human Capital Management (SAP ERP HCM) can streamline and integrate essential workforce processes such as employee administration, payroll, time management, and legal reporting. Because it is a single, scalable solution, it lets you deliver better service for lower IT costs (costs that escalate in proportion to the number of systems you are attempting to maintain). Built on a global platform customized for legal compliance and best practices in 48 countries (with many other countries delivered by partners using standard SAP tools, programs, and master data to ensure seamless integration of employee and payroll processes), SAP ERP HCM enables companies to standardize and consolidate all workforce-related processes and data onto one platform, yet ensure that adherence to local regulations and laws can be attained. With SAP ERP HCM, companies can operate in local languages, currencies, best practices, and regulatory requirements in their facilities around the world. In short, SAP ERP HCM delivers the tools you need to make your HR department run smoothly and efficiently today and tomorrow. It frees you to be more productive and responsive, to spend more time and energy on activities that generate real ROI and make your enterprise more competitive.

Employee Administration

Offers advanced features for Employee Administration, e.g., Transfers or Employee Status Change. Provides the central repository for employee data in SAP ERP HCM; data stored here is used throughout SAP ERP HCM. Integrates the information in Personnel Administration fully with other SAP business applications, especially Financials and Logistics.

Organizational Management

Lets users easily manage and communicate information about organizational structures and policies. Provides tools for constructing and maintaining an accurate model of the organization and gives users unmatched insight into the staff and structural environment of the company. Uses the Organizational Management capabilities of SAP ERP HCM to drive workflow and support activities in personnel cost planning, compensation management, employee development and recruitment, SAP CRM, and SAP SEM. Delivers Organizational Development capabilities including Organizational Planning & Simulation, Organizational Development, Activity Analysis, and Job Analysis. Provides the ability to simulate, analyze, and experiment with proposed organizational changes and previous organizational models on a centralized or decentralized basis.

Global Employment Delivers capabilities necessary for managing international transfers and assignments. Included are global reporting and analytics, improving and aligning negotiation processes for international assignments, and supporting geographically dispersed users with up to the minute information.
Benefits Management Provides a flexible framework for creating and managing tailor-made benefits packages. Versatile configuration options let you offer a diverse range of benefits to accommodate even complex plan definitions. There is powerful support for all administrative benefits-related tasks, and standard and flexible reports let you summarize and analyze benefits data. Support for self-services enables your employees to view and change their benefit selections online.
Healthcare Cost Management Enables solutions to help healthcare organizations deliver high value and personalized care. As part of the Workforce Process Management capabilities of SAP ERP HCM this solution manages relevant information at the point of care. These solutions connect information for collaborative exchange, and allow organizations to maintain costs and data management through the lifecycle of patient care from diagnostic procedures, to patient interaction, and treatment.
Time and Attendance Optimizes processes for planning, managing, and evaluating working times and activities of internal and external employees via the Time Management capabilities of SAP ERP HCM.
SAP Time Management provides optimized user interfaces for for centralized and decentralized data entry.
Payroll and Legal Reporting Handles all payroll processes, supports current legal regulations and collective agreement specifications, and ensures compliance with regulatory changes, since SAP ERP HCM is localized for use in many countries around the world. Makes it easy to collect and manage all the information required for the delivery of high-quality payroll services. Provides reliable, flexible, and exceptional performance. Features Payroll Accounting, Tax, Social Insurance, Travel Expenses Administration, Incentive Wages, Posting to Accounting, and Forms. Gives organizations the tools to efficiently complete day-to-day payroll activities via comprehensive payroll functionality. Includes all the essential core payroll activities and workflow processing streamlines and automates activities within the Payroll capabilities of SAP ERP HCM. Offers the architecture of the Payroll system to provide organizations with options to establish a service delivery model to suit their specific requirements. Provides organizations with comprehensive payroll functionality to support essential core payroll functions, direct deposit and transfers, off-cycle payrolls, retroactive adjustments, calculation of averages, assessment of time data, loans, garnishments, and year-end processing. Enables employees to easily change their address, add to or change their banking information, display and print pay-stub information, or change their withholding amounts using employee self-service functionality for payroll. Provides more than 48 country versions of Payroll, and Time Management functionality.
HCM Processes & Forms HCM Processes & Forms automate paper-intensive and time-consuming employee-related processes such as hiring, termination, organizational reassignment, and maternity leave. Interactive Forms by Adobe accelerate data entry and flexible workflow templates enable organizations to handle routine workforce processes quickly. The application is very flexible and empowers organizations to define standardized processes. All involved business roles such as affected employees, affected managers and HR professionals can be directly involved in the process. Regardless, if you implement an HR shared service delivery model with SAP self-services or even include an HR shared service center, Interactive Forms by Adobe build a strong automation layer for your workforce processes.
Employee Self Service/Manager Self Service Employee Self Service (ESS): employees maintain their personal information and handle many administrative transactions and other processes normally handled by the Human Resources staff. Manager Self Service (MSS): provides line managers, team leaders and department heads with tools to help them accomplish their goals quickly and easily. Managers can make departmental decisions that align with strategic business objectives in areas such as budgeting, compensation, and cost management. Through an intuitive portal, managers can access data from disparate sources to support budget and staffing decisions.
Employee Interaction Center Helps streamline and standardize the provision of HR processes and services through a centralized delivery channel. Employee Interaction Center is part of the generic Interaction Center solution configured along the specific requirements of service organizations.
Workforce Planning
  • Understand current workforce trends -- and plan future needs -- by using workforce demographic data.
  • Use more than 200 predefined reports to analyze headcount development, turnover rates, and workforce composition.
  • Link the results of this analysis directly into headcount planning, budgeting, and key talent processes, such as recruiting and learning.

Workforce Cost Planning & Simulation
  • Support HR professionals in all workforce cost-planning tasks, and empower HR executives to develop effective strategies.
  • Provide access to a broad range of workforce-related data to support accurate planning, facilitate simulated planning scenarios, and enable continuous monitoring of actual performance relative to plan.

Workforce Benchmarking Measure standard workforce processes and compare with external benchmarks and internal operating thresholds.
Workforce Process Analytics & Measurement
  • Measure and analyze typical core HR processes such as payroll, employee administration, time management, and benefits.
  • Analyze organizational structures, relationships, and attributes of jobs and positions.