How to Use RDM – Process Runner DB – Ready to Run Templates

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How to Use RDM – Process Runner DB – Ready to Run Templates

Follow these 4 simple steps to use Innowera templates from the Microsoft Azure cloud:


1. Start Innowera Process Runner DB.




Don’t have Process Runner DB? Download a free evaluation version
now. It works with your existing SAP logon credentials and without any changes or installation to your SAP system!



2. Click on the Open Cloud Samples icon.






3. A new window will open. Click on the appropriate tab to select the type of template (Transaction, BAPI or Data Extractor) or choose All to display the full template repository.



4. Use the top (blank) row to filter the contents of any column (note you can filter multiple columns, and wildcards are automatically implied so filtering begins as soon as you enter a value). Once you find what you want, click “Download and Open” or double click on that file and the file will open in Process Runner DB.




1. Once you download and open templates, a note may be displayed with useful information for that template.


2. Go to the iTable tab to see the sample data that is already mapped and ready to run against an IDES system. You may replace this data with your own (either within the iTable or by attaching to a data source to the Process) and run in your desired system.


3. Some of the RDM templates (as indicated by the icon in the Lock column) are password protected. Contact for the password.


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