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Innowera - Process Runner

Innowera offers ready to run templates for your SAP landscape.

What are Innowera Ready to Run Templates?

  1. Ready to Run Templates contains an internal Excel sheet (iBook), recording and mapping - an all in one XML file known as a process file.
  2. Templates are ready to run with your SAP system.
  3. Hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud for easy, global, always-on and reliable access.
  4. Easily accessible from Process Runner with a single click..can be downloaded and run within your SAP system in minutes.
  5. Tested and built against SAP IDES. Data in the iBook can be easily changed (within the process file or in your own Excel environment) to work with your system. The majority of these samples are available free of charge.
  6. Customers and prospects can download and use Templates directly or modify, change, enhance them as per your unique requirements.
  7. While traditional process creation is fully supported, Ready to Run Templates eliminate the need for recording, mapping and excel template creation steps and provide you an invaluable library of tested processes.

Hundreds of popular SAP processes and tasks that you need every day are included: Material/Customer/Vendor/HR Master, Sales Order, Purchase Requisition/Order, Inquiry, Quotation, Bills of Material, Journal Entries, even CRM and Enjoy (as well as BAPI and Data Extractor) processes are available..far too many to list here! You can drill down to your SAP functional area in the business map below to see what Ready to Run Templates are available within that area or click here to see the list of all Ready to Run Templates.

Also review our FAQs section for more information including step-by-step instruction on how to use Ready to Run Templates.