How to use Ready to Run cloud Templates

To open/download the cloud samples provided by Innowera. Follow the below mentioned steps of procedure.

1. Start Process Runner.

Don’t have Process Runner? Download a free evaluation version now. It works with your existing SAP logon credentials and without any changes or installation to your SAP system!

2. Scroll down at the backstage container of ‘New Process’ menu. You might also need to click on ‘Refresh’ button as demonstrated in the image below.

3. To open a particular cloud sample, double click on its tile and select ‘Download’

4. Optionally, users can click on ‘File’ tab of ribbon to open backstage view and follow the steps mentioned below.

4.1. Select ‘Open’ from the left pane, the backstage container at the right side will display its corresponding options.

4.2.Click on ‘Cloud Ready-to-Run Template’

a. Select the required cloud template from ‘Innowera Ready to Run Template from Cloud’

b. Click on ‘Download’ button as shown in the image below.


1. Users can search the required cloud template using various filter buttons like ‘All’ or Transaction, BAPI, Data Extractor and GUI Scripts or optionally enter the ‘Ready-to-Run Template’ code/file name to search a particular template.
2. If you open/download a password protected sample, it will ask for the password which will be provided by Innowera Support upon request.

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